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Our Mission

Janus Dental Advisors is dedicated to developing the maximum potential of our clients. Our mission is to analyze the dental practice for growth opportunities and create innovative strategies that empower each client´s future. Our focused, motivational approach to implementing sound business systems and leadership-building skills develops an ownership mindset within the team. Our commitment is to fulfill each dentist´s vision professionally, guiding them towards Personal Economic Freedom.

Our Services

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Our strategy focuses on all aspects of treatment presentations to patients along with follow-up. Too often during treatment presentations, team members get caught up in the ´expense´ rather than creating value. Our goal is to empower dental team with strong communication skills needed to fully educate dental patients on their needs, allowing them to see the value of recommended treatment. The goal with each and every patient is to deliver a ´dentally educated´ patient to an admin team member each and every time! We provide training and coaching in the following areas:

  • Daily Alignment Meetings - all about being prepared
  • Doctor/Team alignment before, during, and after seating patient
  • Six steps to successful case acceptance - developing strong treatment presentation skills
  • Case conferencing
  • Financial arrangements
  • Tracking recommended treatment to prevent any ´slippage´
  • Tracking Case Acceptance to enable dental teams to see the fruits of their labor and recognize where the gaps are

Our strategy provides a step by step guide that helps coach the entire team on how to implement a system that captures the potential relationship value of each and every patient. The New Patient Experience, once integrated into the philosophy of care in a practice, helps to overcome the most pervasive issue - that of patient retention. We provide training and coaching in the following areas:
How to create a ´WOW´ experience for all new (and existing) patients beginning with the very first phone call.

  • Ensuring the initial phone call is the most powerful it can be - we will also make ´secret calls´ to clients practices and monitor how the team is utilizing trained skills and return a report to our doctors for the team to review
  • Proper scheduling of the new patient
  • New patient value calls to further enhance the wow experience
  • Team preparation for the new patient visit to the practice
  • The first visit - going from concept to concrete
  • Post visit activities to enhance NP retention and increase referrals

Our strategy focuses on all aspects of hygiene retention. The focus is to develop and maintain a strong hygiene department - one that supports the recommended productivity in a dental practice of 30% overall. When you understand that 40-60% of all hygiene patients seen return to the practice with a clinical need, developing a hygiene system is critical to practice success.

  • To develop an organized and efficient system of maintaining optimum hygiene productivity
  • To develop strong communication skills with your entire team in creating value for all hygiene services
  • Maintain and monitor a strong periodontal program
  • To continue to grow your client base and maintain retention at 96% or greater

We will determine staffing needs and train team members on their individual job roles by defining each role and coaching teams on their responsibilities. Leadership is key to success and our goal is to empower each and every team member with leadership skills and to ultimately develop an ownership mindset. Our goal is to NEVER deliver too much information as to overwhelm our teams. We take it one step at a time and with our monthly coaching calls, we are able to gently walk our teams through learning new systems. We are always a phone call away.

The Financial Management Strategy is composed of two parts: firstly, there is the development of the proactive policies that prevent an Accounts Receivable from building up; secondly, there is the follow-up strategy to prevent the aging accounts from becoming non-collectible. Our goal in helping practices establish and maintain a consistent method of financial communication with their patients is to provide clarification, prevent misunderstanding and support the philosophy that a patient should accept the responsibly of their own account and pay at the time of service. We provide training and coaching in the following areas:

  • Create and establish an office Financial Policy that keeps dentistry accessible and increases case acceptance on large treatment presentations
  • If third party financial options are available to your patients, we will coach you on the best way to communicate this as part of the financial discussion
  • A complete follow-up strategy that ensures the Financial Manager closely monitors control over any outstanding patient or insurance accounts that may develop
  • Verbal skills that will help patients overcome an ´insurance mindset´
  • Scripts for Financial Discussions and gaining a patients commitment to the scheduled appointment, which will help minimize last minute cancellations and failed appointments

Our goal is to help develop a business plan for you helping to create abundance in your practice and generate income your life plan demands. Every year we will conduct a practice financial review that includes analyzing all overheads to ensure the practice is in a stable, healthy and profitable condition. We will provide training and coaching in the following areas:

  • Complete overhead analysis and business planning for the next year
  • Complete office fee analysis and professional recommendations for annual increases
  • Monitor, measure and manage your plans with monthly tracking and on-going coaching meetings
  • Design and administer Team bonus and incentives programs with key parameters that include being fair for the business and fair for the team

Practice planning is essential and by creating a Balanced Day, Week/Month or Yearly schedule the practice can reduce stress, educate and change the behavior of patients as well as provide quality service and at the same time increase production. One of the greatest challenges a practice faces is setting up a consistent and effective schedule. Implementation involves the entire team understanding the value of the doctor´s time, planning and scheduling toward goal. We will provide training and coaching in the following areas:

  • Establish provider hourly production baseline
  • Establish scheduling templates to provide sufficient time for each provider to complete any procedure, achieve production goals and cash flow on a consistent basis, reduce stress for the team and reduce the volume of patients treated each day to reach financial goals
  • Teach team members to dove-tail scheduling and the value of a Second assistant
  • Create schedules for a Saturated Doctor who may be in a need of an associate to help treat the abundance of patient needs due to a very large client base
  • Train your team to gain client commitments when handing out appointment cards so that last minute changes to your schedule are minimized
  • Train your team on the proper verbiage skills that influence client to accept treatment
  • Train your team to properly handle the taking of cancellations over the phone and how to re-appoint with a solid commitment from the patient

The reasons to add an associate dentist to a practice are myriad. The dentist may be just a few years from retirement; he/she may be ready to reduce his/her schedule; or his practice has grown enough to support an additional dentist.
The initial decision to integrate an associate into the practice is the first step of many in this process that requires strategic planning. Planning carefully as far in advance as possible can help alleviate the typical stress and anxiety felt when adding a new dentist to a practice.
Maximizing the success of integration begins months prior to the associate arriving in the practice is referred to as the foundation period. The primary focus during this time is to:

  • Align the Team on the benefits to the practice and patients in adding a new doctor to the practice
  • Create a solid plan for patient allocation, team allocation, productivity goals, and scheduling
  • Analyze the Facility; Schedule & Calendar; Team and Patient Base
  • Finalize and prioritize all logistics around the introduction of an associate to the practice
  • Learn and integrate appropriate language skills to support each step in the process
  • Maintain ideal relationships with patients throughout this process so patients accept and transfer trust and loyalty to the new doctor, and the practice continues to grow

There is no dispute that our business, our personal life and our social life is touched and influenced every day by the exponential growth of technology.
Communication has evolved over the last four generations from:

The Traditionalist "Write Me"
Baby Boomer "Call Me"
Generation X "Email Me"
Milleniumist "Text Me"

You may already have a website and a Facebook page; or you may need help in creating your online presence.

Social Media Implementation and Utilization will help you and your team maximize the use of social media by developing media strategies that will help reach your current clients and also introduce you to potential new clients.

Who in your practice is responsible for your social media content? How often do you post on Social Media? What do you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Find the answers with one of our experienced consultants.

Currently there are over 2 billion people using the Internet and growing. Being an integral part of this world phenomenon should not be delayed. Let us teach your team how to maximize your presence.