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M. VanHuffel, DDS -- Gahanna, OH

"Janus consulting has increased my awareness of the different factors that affect the success of my practice. They have helped me define my goals, constructed a plan to reach them and have been with me every step of the way to implement the plan and realize the wonderful results. I have never felt more in control of my practice in my quest to make it as efficient, successful and satisfying as I want it to be. Monthly calls with our consultant provide support to refine the daily details of our practice. I have tremendously more peace of mind now than I did one year ago simply because I now understand the actions that my staff and I make to affect the bottom line. I have more confidence in my ability to accomplish my goals, but just as importantly, I now have the help that I needed to reach them!"

"I am a dentist first and a procrastinator second. If the schedule is full, the business stuff can wait. My consultant gives me action items and holds me accountable. We look at the business indicators together and take proactive measures to be sure the practice is busy, growing and profitable. My staff enjoys knowing how we are doing and I see them grin when she chides me about the things I have neglected."

M. Schaff, DDS -- Scottsbluff, NE


P. Diaz, DMD -- Tuscaloosa, AL

"Three things our patients judge us on is care, skill, and knowledge. I would have to give the team from Janus excellent marks in all three areas. Long term consulting results will only be achieved with accountability. They measure and are able to interpret data better than any group I have been involved. Numbers tell the true story of one's practice."

"My consultants truly understand the vision and goals I have for my practice and it has been exciting to see us reach these milestones together. Most importantly, I feel that they are always very sincere in their planning and approach. They are never unrealistic and offer sound advice as well as critical judgment in a manner that is genuine and sound."

D. D´Amico, DMD -- Watertown, MA

Lad Family Dentistry -- Temple City, CA

"Janus Dental Advisors have been instrumental in helping us grow and expand our practice. As a father-son practice, we have always cared for our patients like family, and Janus has helped us develop more efficient scheduling and increase case acceptance while still maintaining our core practice philosophy. After 1 year of working with Janus, we have seen a 30% increase in net production. In-office visits with our consultant and regular conference calls have helped keep our entire team accountable and given us daily, weekly, and monthly goals to strive for. We certainly would not be experiencing the current growth in our practice without the help of Janus."